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What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is just like the same old marketing methods. Here, you have to advertise your business digitally to attract online users. For this type of marketing, first, you need to create an Online Presence by designing an awesome-looking website or app and creating social media accounts to engage people socially.

When you have a website connected to social media, then you can advertise your business via social media ads, google ads, and email marketing, and also you can do SEO so that you can gain traffic from organically search engines.

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What is Digital Marketing Planning (DMP)?

Digital Marketing Planning is a series of actions that is prepared to achieve the vision and missions of a business.”

Digital Marketing Planning includes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Data-driven Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing, Influencer Marketing and ORM (Online Reputation Marketing).

Depending on your business model and goals, digital marketing planning helps your brand to achieve these goals:

  • Ease of doing business online
  • Take competitive advantage
  • Target multiple channels for a niche audience (B2B or B2C)
  • Targeting audience based on demographics and interests
  • Saves your marketing efforts, time, and money
  • Generate valuable information from marketing campaigns
  • Build more awareness and increase social media presence

How does Digital Marketing work for your business?

I have heard non-digital marketers say online marketing is easy. Just select your audience and add money to your wallet then ads will run after being reviewed. But the truth is, Digital Marketing is complex and cannot work until you prepare the right actions.

For example,

If you want to make and sell Coffee, then you need to select the best ingredients or coffee beans with the right amount of sugar which makes your coffee tastier.

Similarly, to make your marketing more effective then you must select the right channels at the right time for advertising online.

To make your Digital Marketing work for your business I have created a list that can explain the importance to your business.

“The goal of Digital Marketing is to Attract, Engage and Convert your audience.”

Build a Website:

A website is the online store of your business which runs 24*7 and can be accessed by everyone from anywhere. The major benefit which I see in building a website is we can update lots of information about our business, products, services, discounts, and policies.

To learn more about the Website, here we have already published an article for you:

Today, every business is becoming digital and the number of searches for products or services is increasing. You will gain creditability by increasing visibility on Google platforms and social media sites. Having an online presence and a website will allow you to do online business.

Nowadays, web designer prefers mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized websites which can be accessed from any mobile easily. It increases the value of your brand.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation):

SEO is a part of Digital Marketing Services and play important role in marketing online. It makes your website content, structure, multimedia, and web page coding optimized which boosts the loading speed of your website. Additionally, SEO makes your social media presence active to attract and engage a new audience. The purpose of SEO is to rank your web pages in the Google search engine to gain maximum advantage in bringing an organic audience to the website.

Content or Multimedia:

The important part of every website is how they display information and satisfy its audience. A well-structured and informative website will retain new users into the website.

The use of Content on the website is to reliance your online audience and bring new visitors to the site and give the signal to Google crawlers about your website. There are various types of Content we can add to engage visitors to our site:

  • Creating web pages for our products or services
  • Writing blogs for giving deep knowledge on a specific subject
  • Slideshare to engage the audience for more time
  • Videos/Audio clips
  • Infographic/Images
  • E-books to download to read offline, and
  • Case Studies or News

Social Media:

The power of social media can influence any business if marketing is done correctly. You need to find out where your audience rests which is looking for similar services. Choosing the right social media platform will make your marketing more effective and bring new leads also.

The major benefit of using social media for business marketing is you can market to a lot of people concerning location, language, interests, behavior, industry, and much more. Social media allows you to market to the selected type of audience.

Paid Campaigns:

Digital Marketing allows you to advertise to the target audience for a specific period. Paid campaigns boost sales or generate new leads by creating huge awareness on Google or social media platforms.

The paid advertising method is the most popular which can give you a quick sale. You may have seen ads on YouTube, Music Apps, Google search pages, Facebook feeds, Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds and Google Play Store, etc. Advertising is done to engage new audiences back into business for more awareness, sales, or consideration.

Some of the Paid Campaign terms are: –

  • Display Ads
  • Search Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Search + Display Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Apps Install Ads

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is also an important tool for Digital marketing services. It’s a simple, effective, and result-oriented marketing method. With the increase in the E-commerce business, email marketing becoming a more prominent part of online business.

Now email marketing is completely automated software that is more powerful and gives you analytics about each mail sent to visitors. You can nurture your leads by automating pre-defined email templates, landing page forms, social media, and digital ads.

Also, you can view insights and generate reports where you can understand your audience’s behavior and monitor ROI with detailed revenue reports.

Importance of Digital Marketing for your business:

  1. Ease of doing business: With the ease of doing business you can attract and engage new visitors through website information and different social media channels. With this ease, all information will be easily available online through websites, and social media sites, and you can engage with forms, chats, or emails at any time. Additionally, you can add full details of your products or services and add FAQs to further help them with questions.
  2. Competitive Advantage: Internet platforms like social media sites, bookmarking sites or Google platforms maximize your potential reach. You can create long-lasting impressions rather than who are old and valuable customers offline. Also, an official social page of your business will provide maximum information about products, engages with the audience, and increases sales unit. Effective use of Digital Marketing Services is more effective and beneficial than the old traditional method of marketing like newspaper ads, pamphlets, banners, etc.
  3. Cost-Effective: Online marketing is economical. Depending on the business market size you can promote your products to a specific audience multiple times on a single budget. The cost of offline marketing is more expensive and relatively compared to online advertising. In online advertising, you can select niche audiences concerning time, location, language, interests, budget optimization, and A/B testing for ads. With a lowered budget you can maximize your reach.
  4. Saves Time & Energy: Let your marketing be handled by professionals. Digital Marketers know how to approach new visitors online at a specific time. We’re skilled in handling many digital marketing projects and updated with the latest information and market trends. If you have good knowledge of how you can set a series of activities to achieve goals, then you should do it by yourself.
  5. Analytics: Some good tools analyze each activity on your website. These tools generate full insights into user behavior, marketing goals, website technicalities, and much more. These data are important to figure out the weakness and strengths of your marketing actions so that next time you can create a better strategy to execute for better results.
  6. Mobile Internet Users: Digital Marketing caters to mobile internet users also. Low data packs and smartphones give access to the internet where you can showcase your business to mobile internet users also. This increases your business value, website visitors, huge retention, and more leads that can be converted to customers.

Final Touch – Digital Marketing

Now, you have understood Digital Marketing and how it works for your business. To maximize your business awareness and bring more customers you need to focus only on Products and invest in Digital marketing services.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post “What is Digital Marketing”, you can comment us below. We would love to appreciate your feedback.

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